Chanoyu.Cloud is a site to ask and answer questions about the Japanese Way of Tea. Questions from all schools are welcome.

You can read questions without logging in,  but if you want to be active on the site (see below), you need to log in first.

This site builds on four simple concepts


You can ask questions about anything related to the Japanese Way of Tea. The question can be school specific or general. We only ask that you make the question clear and answerable. This site is not intended for opinion based questions such as “what is the best Tea?”.


You can answer questions that others have asked, or you can even answer your own questions if you have found the answer yourself. When the one who asked the question gets an answer he is satisfied with, he should mark this answer as the accepted one. One question can only have one accepted answer.


Votes are essential to this site. If you ar logged in and got at least 15 points (points are explained below), you are able to vote. Upvotes and downvotes can be cast on both questions and answers.

Voting a question up helps give it attention and increase the chance of it being answered. Voting a answer up helps other people quickly find the best answer to any given questions. Downvoting on the other hand, signals that you do not think that the question or answer is good.

You can vote as many times as you like, but only once for each question or answer.

When you upvote, the person that wrote that entry will be rewarded points.


When someone upvotes a question or answer, the author receive points as a reward for their contribution. The number of points you have is a measure of how much you have contributed to the community. As your total number of points increase, you will get permission to do more on the site. A full list of permissions and their required points can be found on the Permission and Points page.