Instructions for making a shifuku


I’m looking for instructions on how to make a shifuku. Anyone have that that they can share?

  • Barbara Nostrand
    There used to be a shop in Shinjuku which sold shifuku kits. As I recall, there are instructions for making the things in: 茶道具手作り入門 ISBN: 4473008134 I own a copy, but it is somewhere in another room at the moment.
  • rhondarolf
    I have a book, ISBN 4-473-01914-4. It is written in Japanese but the pics are pretty good.
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The above link have a very basic guide that might be useful, especially the hints on how to measure the chaire you want it to fit.
(Just keep in mind to add enough seam allowance)

If you do a google image search for “手作り仕覆” you’ll also find a lot of “in process” images that might be useful.

Shifuku is perhaps not the best place to start if you’re not skilled at sewing, but someone who is good at it will probably understand how it is done by looking at some of these images and perhaps if you give them a finished shifuku that you have from before.

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