use of kashiwa dai 柏台


How does a host arrange kashiwa mochi 柏餅 in/on a kashiwa dai 柏台 to serve them to guests? This is a 12 cm high, 21.3 cm2 box with a deep drawer and a high rim on top.

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="640"] Tantansai-konomi kashiwa dai 淡々斎好み柏台[/caption]
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Dear Katie

The Kashiwa mochi should go on top and guests throw out the leaves in the 引き出しcompartment below.  During Tangô-no-Sekku (5/5), as you know,  there are two main okashis that are served: Kashiwa mochi, and Chimaki, both wrapped with leaves, and this ‘thoughtfulness’ behind the Kashiwadai of making life easier to the guests, it is said that is the reason Tantansai made this Kashiki of his preference.

Best regards,


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