What are the items called that are used to hang the kettle?


What are the items called that are used to hang the kettle? I’m looking for the Japanese names of all the different parts that usually go into the hanging arrangement for the kettle.

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Hi Marius,

Here you go in order from the hook on the roof to the kettle lugs:



tsuri・釣・(U-shaped arm that hooks onto the chain and kettle lugs)

kan・鐶・(kettle lug rings)

ōkan・大鐶・(large kettle lug rings, often used with tsurigama)

kantsuki・鐶付・(kettle lugs on the kettle)


The whole set up is called:

tsuri-gama・釣釜・(hanging kettle)


Also, a gotoku futaoki 五徳蓋置 is often used with the tsurigama set-up as there is no gotoku in the hearth for tsurigama. This futaoki is one of the shichi-shu-futaoki 七種蓋置.

Best bow,


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It depends on the arrangement as there is more than one. It is also possible to suspend a kama by a device called a jizai. It canonically consists of a hollow bamboo pole with a rod ending in a hook that runs up through the middle. The rod is held in place by friction from a diagonal piece. This arrangement is in my opinion at least a bit more rustic than the one previously described.

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The usual practice is to use a jizai in a koma and chain in a hiroma.

Of course rules can be broken when appropriate.

Using a jizai might not be a good idea if near a straight pillar such as a tokobashira or nakabashira.

Usually the jizai used are the very simple ones.

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