What are the parts of a kama called?


I’m looking for the proper Japanese words describing the different parts of a Kama and it’s futa.

It would be desirable with a drawing or image that indicated the different parts.

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From top to bottom:

つまみ tsumami = knob

座 za = seat of the knob of the lid tha usually has a floral or other design

蓋 futa = lid

口造り kuchizukuri = mouth/lip of the kama

甑口 koshiki-guchi = type of lip that is raised high

姥口 uba-guchi = type of lip that sinks lower than the mouth

肩 kata = shoulder of the kama

鐶付 kantsuki = kettle lugs

肌 hada = ‘skin’ of the kama. ‘arare’ hailstone pattern etc.

胴 dō = side body of kama

羽 hane = the flange that borders the upper section and lower section of the kama (if their is one, like on chosen-buro or kama used for sukigi etc)

羽落ち haneochi = join of the top and bottom of the kama

上底 jyōzoko = upper bottm, just under the haneochi

中底 chūzoku = middle bottom

火包 hitsutsumi = general term for the part of the kama from the haneochi to the hiuke (includes the jyōzoko and chūzoko)

火受 hi-uke = bottom dimple of the kama

I couldn’t draw a diagram today. I will do this another time if someone doesn’t beat me to it.


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