What is the proper handling for Ko aka natsume?


What is the propper handling for this natsume?

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Once you do the fukusa sabaki, with your left hand you get the chaki with your left hand from the top, and with your right hand with the fukusa folded as you would purify the lid, you take the chaki with 3 fingers (thumb, index and middle fingers) by its right side and place it on the palm of your left hand. Like other non-natsume usuchakis, you only “write” the number 二 on the lid with the fukusa and that’s all. To place it back on the tatami, it’s just thereverse – 3 fingers of the right hand gets the chaki from the left palm, left hand places the chaki from the top, and puts it back on the tatami.

At the end the lip is wiped.

PS: For both Kôaka Chaki and Oimatsu Chaki, they are not called Natsumes (because they do not have the format of the fruit “natsume” aka Jujube in English). Those non-natsume containers are just called by the generic name of usuchaki or usuki.

PS: You may want to mention that this chaki was an okonomi of the 5th Iemoto, Fukkyusai.

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    Is the lip of the natsume wiped before haiken?
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