Which temae are oriented to the inside corner of the hearth frame (uchizumi nerai)?


During the ro-season some temae are oriented towards the outside corner and some towards the inside corner of the ro-buchi (frame around the heart). I’m looking for a list of which ones are oriented towards the inside corner.

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This is a simplified answer, for a 4.5 (or larger) mat room.

There are only 7 temae in which the host sits uchizumi:

  • hakobi usucha
  • hakobi koicha
  • tana usucha
  • tana koicha
  • naga-o chaire
  • Otsubukuro
  • tsutsumibukusa
  • These temae also correspond to the 7 temae we can finish with nakajimai in the furo season.

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    In Omotesenke we think of it differently. For temae where the chaire is placed back toward the center of the mat in other words where you first placed before purification then we sit sotozumi. Usually this means for small tana and hakobi temae you sit uchizumi and for large tana, daime giriro, some higher temae etc. sotozumi.

    The key point is your spatial relationship to the chaire.

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