Tips and Tricks

Posting images

The site does not have a system for uploading images to the site due to storage constraints. However, there are many services that allow you to store and share images quickly TinyPic is one such. You don’t even have to make an account. Once that is done you can upload the image there. It will immediately show you a link thet you can use to share the image. Just cut-n-past it into your post.

If you want the image to display in the post, and not just be a link you need to do one additional step. In the menu above the text field click the text icon


You should see the link in the text field. For instance like this


You need to add <img src=” before the link and “> after the link like this

textfield 2

Then the image has been added and you can click the Visual icon next to the text icon to get back to writing your question or answer.